Where's JBYoshi?

February 24, 2016

You might have noticed that my commits in the past few weeks have been few and far between. I can explain.

I decided to start on a new program. Right now, it’s just called “Robot Game”, but that’s the best I could think of. It allows you to write Java programs to control virtual robots. I’m almost ready to push out the first commits, but I’m trying to add in a few more features first:

  • An automatic updater. Every few minutes, your client will check for an update, and download one if it exists. I’ll need a CI setup, though, (although it could just be a .git/hooks file), and I’m still working on writing the updater code.
  • Right now, the program just looks for a file named RobotGameScript.java in your working directory. I’d like to change that up before release, although it’s not a priority.

I’ll hopefully get it pushed out sometime in the next couple days. Stay tuned!