Creating Secure, Easy to Remember Passwords

November 7, 2016

Recently, an idea popped into my head about creating secure passwords. Surprisingly, they’re very easy to remember. It’s based off some common tips for making secure passwords.

  1. Length is more important than complexity. This xkcd comic I saw some time ago demonstrates this concept pretty quickly.
  2. Although length is more important than complexity, complexity can help.
  3. Use different passwords on different websites. If you use the same password on multiple different websites, anyone who figures out one password can easily log in to all the others.

So here’s the approach I thought of. It’s surprisingly simple.

  1. Think of a random, easy-to-remember phrase tied to the website you use it on. In my opinion, funny is the best way to go for this. Just make sure nobody else thought of it first.
  2. Type it in to the password box unaltered. Keep the capital letters, spaces, punctuation, everything.

Yep, it’s that simple.

Most password strength meters will give this a high rating. The capital letters and punctuation are also helpful for using it on websites that have requirements on complexity. And making the phrase related to the website you’re using it on helps with duplicate passwords (#3) and memory.